About Tana’s Place

Tana’s Place believes that all human beings are created in the image of God.  We believe that children are among the most vulnerable of God’s creation, and every child on this planet is a precious gift from God.  We believe that children, by the very fact of their existence, are afforded certain inherent rights.  Those rights include the most basic, such as safe shelter, healthy food and clean water, but also include other crucial rights such as the right to unconditional love, the right to learn how to be a responsible member of society, the right to live free from fear and the right to have hope about their future.

Tana’s Place aims to assure that every child who comes to through our doors receives these rights by providing an environment in which children are infused with hope, loved unconditionally and allowed to flourish as they learn how to become responsible members of society, which includes being self-sufficient as an adult, and having compassion for their fellow-man.

Our first goal is to build a house that will be used for the purpose of providing a home for foster children.  This home will be the first of many, we hope, where families who have chosen to offer their hearts and home to being a foster family can live rent-free.  Here, at Tana’s Place, we are fervently committed to start out, and remain, debt free.  We are reliant on donations, perhaps a grant or two that meets our needs and standards, and the thing that always works–PRAYER.  We will not take out any loans.  We will rely on God and His perfect provision.  He is the One with the ability to put it on anyone’s heart to make a donation.  Should He put it on your heart to make a donation, we are a 501(c)3 company and can provide the necessary information so you may take a deduction on your taxes.

So, welcome along for the ride!  We are so happy you are joining us on this journey.  Please stay tuned as we watch God fulfill all of our needs.  Be sure to stop by our website.  www.tanasplace.org


2 Responses to About Tana’s Place

  1. mattsdad says:

    Congratulations on your blog start…..keep us posted!

  2. Karri McConnell says:

    I privileged to walk alongside Natalee and my other sisters as God guides us in His infinite wisdom to fulfull His good pupose in each and every child and adult that is touched by Tana’s Place.

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